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I am a fine art printmaker, living and working in Dorset. I create original, individually inked prints in limited editions of no more than twenty.

As a printmaker, I use a variety of techniques, particularly collagraphy, linocutting and monoprinting (please see 'Processes' for more information). My main source of inspiration is the natural environment. In earlier work I used the shapes and double images created by shadows and reflections within the landscape, particularly of trees, as a starting point for explorations into colour, form and pattern. Recently, I have been focusing on the natural world at a more intimate level. This has involved experimenting with the structural and textural properties of plants. Materials are gleaned whilst walking the dog or from the gardens of family and friends, pressed and used as the basis for my collagraph blocks, from which the prints are then taken.

My aim is to try and convey some of the pleasure I experience when looking at plants, trees and the landscape in general.

I have therefore been pleased to receive the following comments from visitors when opening my studio for earlier Dorset Art Weeks:

"Beautiful images, I would happily live with all of them."

"enriching and nourishing to the soul"

"the outside inside – essence of nature in the prints themselves"

"Lovely vibrant work, really refreshing."

"Fab colours and designs."