Monoprinting is a printmaking process where the images produced are ‘one-offs’ and would be virtually impossible to replicate.  There are several different methods that can be used: additive, subtractive and direct-trace drawing.  These methods can be used individually or in combination and an image may result from one pass through the press or be built up in multiple layers.  It is also possible to take a print using techniques that do not require a press.  Monoprinting tends to be a more direct and experimental form of printmaking.

The basic principles of monoprinting can be covered in one day, when you would explore different inking and printing techniques, mark making with a variety of tools and the use of stencils and collage materials.  A second day would allow for greater development of ideas, including creating multi-layered prints and learning how to register such prints.

Cost:   One day - £75                      Two days - £150


Images from earlier sessions


Bryony 1

Bryony 2

Positioning the stencils

Marion's monoprinting line 2

Marion's subtractive portrait

Marion 8

Viv's botanical monoprint 1

Viv's botanical monoprint 2

Nina's trace monoprint

Nina's ghost print


Sue's first stencil print

Nina's oriental inspired print